PIZZA: North vs West

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I lived in Durham (UK) for 10 years (after living in Bridlington for 17) and have lived in Cheshire for the past 3.

I’m well accustomed to a lazy takeaway pizza from the lands of Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle and although I never considered the quality in much depth (well you wouldn’t would you, you just want naughtiness!), I have to say there’s a clear difference!

Cheshire takeaway pizza’s are terrible (perhaps takeaways are not a staple for the Cheshire scene) and after a naughty cheesy pizza last night In Sunderland I noticed the very stark contrast in taste.

North East: WIN
North West: LOSE


24 hours: 3 restaurants

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In an attempt to visit family around this festive season, me and Gav have driven from Cheshire to bridlington, to sunderland and we will be heading back to Cheshire tomorrow.

As you may expect, family gatherings have centered around food and this has resulted in 3 restaurant visits in 24 hours….. Christmas really has begun! Here’s my super quick round up!

1. Bridlington, RAGS: quite a nice place, right on the seafront with beautiful views of the harbor. I shared a starter with Gav of mixed bruschetta and enjoyed a main of smoked haddock. Due to the fact that there were 22 of us we had to engage in the dreaded pre order which meant by the time I got there I didn’t actually want fish but it was delicious. 7/10… Only marked down for some grumpy staff and vegetables that could be improved upon.

2. Bridlington, The lobster pot: Here we gave a typical chain style pub, very regular appearance and typical menu. No, strike that, the menu was more than typical, it featured a “build your own burger” section (Gav had chorizo and boar) and a rotisserie chicken type Nandos section….so quite good. I had a salmon tart with sweet potato fries, it was quite basic but what you would expect for this type of pub. The only problem here was that my meal came 5 minutes before anyone else’s, can’t stand that! 6/10 for error in service.

3. Sunderland: ARABESQUE. An Egyptian place, never eaten Egyptian apart from in Egypt! I had what should of been a spicy chicken kebab, it was nice, authentic tasting but alas, not spicy. Also, my appetite was non existence and so my enjoyment was probably diminished. Nice place though, well decorated, reasonable prices and very friendly staff. 8/10.

Phew… tonight with friends……oh dear ๐Ÿ˜

I’ll “Fondu” you!

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Fondu Friday, I’ve missed you! ๐Ÿ˜Š


Last night I made me and Gav a meaty cheesy treat. We throughly indulged on deliciously alcoholic dipping frenzy whilst helping it down with a crisp Chardonnay.






I will admit the alcoholic taste was a little strong for me and those of you who have had fondu will know as it continues to cook the alcohol taste becomes stronger! However the apple and Parma ham dippers made for a refreshing taste.

A fun treat!

Tesco ยฃ2 lunch FAIL

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I know what your saying…. For ยฃ2 what should I expect right?

I called into tescos on my way to work to buy some cake making ingredients and due to the terrible weather I thought I’d grab lunch to save me going out.

I tried this exciting looking box, but excitement it lacked!

When cooked, the contents filled less than a third of the box leaving it to be snack sized rather than lunch worthy.

The taste wasn’t terrible but I’d advise you somy don’t bother ๐Ÿ˜•

Christmas lunch at the Hale bar and grill


A bit of a review for you….

Yesterday was our work christmas lunch and we marched off to the Hale bar and grill. It was dead…. Not a terrible thing but the atmosphere lacked.

I started with a blue cheese and walnut tart: totally yummy but I felt the puff pastry was a cop out.

The main event: a turkey dinner of course, it even came with sprouts. But can you believe I had to actually ask for cranberry sauce? CRAZY!!!

Pudding: A Christmas pie crumble. Yes it was nice, yes it was festive but when the menu states “served with cream” I expect more than a tiny mouth full!

Don’t even get me started on the Chardonnay, yuk!!!

Overall, a 6 out of 10. No tip for service either!!!


That “offal” taste

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Lunch time came today and after a hard session at the gym before work with a minimal (but tasty) fruit breakfast, my body yearn for more than a cuppa soup.

So I toddled to a local deli and chose a beef salad baguette. You know when some times meat has that taste of offal when it shouldn’t? As if the beef had been snuggled up with a big juicy kidney for the night?

Needless to say it was rather yucky and made me regret not choosing the cuppa soup….. ๐Ÿ˜ž


A lot of effort. A lot of taste!

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So yesterday I cook for the first time a recipe out of Jamie Oliver’s new comfort food book. A chicken pie…easy right?

Wrong. I should have realized its complexity when you started with a whole chicken! But after hours of hacking, sealing, sautรฉing and baking it resulted in the biggest flavor……so worth the effort. I would recommend trying it if you have a free afternoon!