Steak Au Poivre (ummm steak on a Tuesday!)

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Last night I said to Gav “Steak or Chicken?” He actually deliberated this!!!!!! But then answered steak, phew!

Although I ❤️love❤️ steak I would normally avoid a peppercorn sauce as I find it a little too peppery but as per my odd inability to deviate from a recipe, I did as I was told.

I’m rather glad I did! The steak was blooming marvelous and although it was peppery, I enjoyed it and would participate more in future peppercorn sauce eating! My oddness pays off.

I had my steak rare as I absolutely adore it this way but I cooked Gav’s slightly more as he is more of a medium to rare man.

As a side I roasted some sweet potatoes and cauliflower in a tad of olive oil with plenty of seasoning.

A great tea, felt a little naughty for a Tuesday even though it was out of the weight watchers book!!! I narrowly avoided a glass of wine with this bad boy dish!