Mammoth Amounts of Food, Southern style!


I have friends visiting at the moment and I wanted to cook for them. I mulled over what to cook long and hard as there is a fussy eater in the bunch (naming no names) and I didn’t want to be locked in the kitchen for too long.

So I went for Pulled Pork (courtesy of Tom Kerridge) with sides of Coleslaw, Home made baked onion rings, home made sweet potato fries, soured cream and corn on the cob

As the pork took around 6 hours to make in total Icooked it the night before. It was tasty but you know when you have been looking at something for too long and you loose enjoyment? That’s were I was at. Everyone else had seconds though so it can’t have been half bad!

I also forgot to take a picture but this is half way through….