The Best Foods To Shove In Your Face in Thailand


Favorite foodie post of the day!

I had to choose this post, after I siting Thialand last September for the first time, this post brings back great memories of great street food! ☺️

Fresh Off The Plane

The first time I had Thai food was in college and I equated it with fanciness and being very cultured (I was from a small-town, so anything that didn’t involve a farm seemed cultured). My friends and I would dress up, sit in plush seats, and lay thick, white napkins on our lap in anticipation for curries served in silver bowls.

Now that I live in Thailand, I usually eat Thai food barefoot, in a corrugated metal shack, while mosquitos dine on my blood. I’ve realized Thai food isn’t all that fancy, unless you’re in a resort or Westernized restaurant, but it’s even more delicious than I could have realized. I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg, but here are some of my favorite dishes so far.

Pad Thai

thailand and ev in korea 027.jpg street market conveyer belt pad thai

It’s cliche, everyone knows it, everyone orders like, but damn, if everyone doesn’t love…

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