The YEY! More CrayFish!!!!!!


Marks and Sparks do my absolute favorite lunch time salad treat, a CrayFish and Mango salad. Its a completely divine mix of Crayfish, Mango, Rocket, mixed rice and a sweet tangy dressing.

The only problem is that it is not in the meal deal and its about £4.50. OK, that’s not a huge expense but when I see that for less than £4 I can get a different salad, snack and a drink, the bad value of my chosen salad makes me slightly peeved.

So imagine my absolute joy when I stepped in to Tesco only to find that the have started to do the exact same salad, but cheaper! Amazing.

Honestly guys, try this salad. If you like sweet and savory together, this is the dish for you! Plus the mixed rice element makes it seriously filling.