Noodles return….with Prawns!

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Despite my love affair with noodles it’s a while since I’ve made up a batch, but tonight changed that.

Prawn Noodles was the dinner choice for tonight, with a Chinese influence:


  1. Place the Noodles in boiling water and add 1tbsp Soy sauce, 1tsp Chinese five spice and leave to soften.
  2. Meanwhile fry thinly sliced carrot, onion and chili in a wok
  3. When softened slightly add some chopped kale and the prawns
  4. Finally season and mix the prawn mixture into the noodles 

In total this dish took 20 minutes max and was ram packed full of full of taste. Tuesday night I challenge you to give me better food! Not likely! 😉

Let me know your thoughts……

Blooming love noodles!!!!

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Monday night equated to noodles. Chicken and veg Chinese style to be specific.

Such an easy recipe ( I know I always say that but it was!) but with such a flavor some outcome! I actually made a change to the recipie, I had some Chinese plum sauce that needed using and so instead of teriyak, I used that. A great sweet flavor resulted!

Once upon a time I thought the only way to add flavor to noodles was by the sauce that you slather on them. I now thank the day I discovered you could boil them in stock!!!

I halved the recipe but I still got a good three portions from it meaning I’m having super tasty lunches this week!

I would really recommend this dish to my fellow noodle lovers. 



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Noodles at home never fills me with excitement and after Gavs many recent trips to China in not sure why he would want them either. Yet they are healthy and easy and that’s what I made for tea last night!!

Despite my reluctance they were BLOODY DEVINE!!! 😃 This was another recipe from my fast and easy book and you have to try it out.

Very simple to do, really fast and with beautiful taste. The mint wouldn’t have been an obvious addition to me but the taste was outstanding, a little sticky, a little sweet and completely moorish….. A definite one to re do and perfect for a mid week meal.

I also served these with the chop sticks Gav brought me from China, why is it noddles taste better with chop sticks??