The naughty side of fruit


Fancy some fruit?
Fancy some alcohol?
Try this little beauty!!

I felt the need for a refreshing drink. I had Apple vodka and a melon. This is what became of it!


Peel and chop a full honey dew melon, pop it in a food blender and blend to a pulp. Add your desired amount of vodka and mix in a small amount of lemonade.

Refreshing and fruity.

Sherbet twist

Cocktails, Food, Foodie

I didn’t plan any cocktails for last nights mini party and so decided just to mix it up, I ended up with this little beauty!

Take the following ingredients, mix it up and drink 😀

– mint
– a dash of lemon liqueur
– a slug of raspberry vodka
– a top up of lemonade
– a lemon to dress

Tastes like SHERBET!