Healthy tiramisu 

desserts, Easy Everyday Fast recipe book

I haven’t made anything sweet in a while so I dived into the recipe collection and pulled out this little whippet.

Tiramisu but made with quark and yoghurt rather than the heavier alternatives such as cream or mascarpone.

I haven’t eaten it yet but I tasted throughout the making process and it’s a really light version. Just sweet enough with the coffee kick from the coffee and liqueur.


Lamb and cous cous curiosity 

Easy Everyday Fast recipe book, Lamb

Lamb is always hit or miss for me, this dish was a slight miss, the lamb was really strong which for me, was a tad over powering but if you like lamb then you have nothing to lose!

Mix lamb mince with grated Courgette and seasoning. Shape into burgers and griddle/grill until cooked (easy right?)

Whilst the lamb is cooking leave your plain couscous to soak up its water with a mix of seasoning, Chilli powder, paprika and Cumin (to taste).

Serve with tatziki and your good to go.

Healthy and quick, great for a midweek meal.


Stir fry steak (noodles again)

Beef, Easy Everyday Fast recipe book

This dish seriously fills me with excitements and has my mouth watering far too much.

Avid followers of this blog will know I’m a recent convert to the almighty noodle but this dish reached heights which are near to ecstasy… fibs.

I’m can quite literally taste and feel the moist, buttery, chunky steak pieces filling my mouths with sweet juices (*Homer Simpson food appreciation noise)

As always it was a super easy, super fast recipie with stupefying results. Best of all…..healthy.


Smoked haddock and Parma ham risotto

Cook book, Easy Everyday Fast recipe book, Fish, Food

A perfect Sunday afternoon dinner.

Picture this. It’s brisk and bright outside and after sprightly, nippy dog walk, we come home to a toasty house. We crack open a bottle of Chardonnay (of course) and I whip up this scrumptious dish.

This is a great recipe for s number of reasons, it’s pretty fast for a risotto, it’s creamy and it has huge depths of flavor from the fish and ham. I highly recommend this dish, it’s wonderfully satisfying and rather filling.


A PLAICE for mushrooms

Easy Everyday Fast recipe book, Fish, Food

(I’ve never had quite this many mushrooms in one dish)

This weeks fish dish comes from the fast and easy recipe book, a favorite for midweek cooking!

I can’t say I have had much plaice before and honestly I don’t think I’ll have too much in the future based on this. Don’t get me wrong, the dish as a whole was very tasty indeed but the fish alone I found quite bland and boring.

It was most defiantly the Parmesan sprinkling really made this dish, it elevated it to a level which without, it wouldn’t have reached.

In respect if sides, as it was simply fish and mushrooms I added some mustard mash which gave it a better portion size. Not too over whelming but without this addition I would certainly have been left hungry.

A good mid weeker overall but I would recommend a fish substitution…some chunky cod would have worked nicely.