Light and tasty during these “food heavy” festivities

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Last nights tea consisted of this tapas style salad. I have to admit, as the day drew on I though “salad? Why???” But damn it was delicious!

After days of copious food and alcohol this was just what I needed and it was utterly gorgeous. Featuring an additional oil and balsamic dip with ciabatta it made for a full meal, the buffalo mozzarella had to be the star!

Also, it takes but a few minutes to prepare….winner.



I’ll “Fondu” you!

Cook book, Fondu, Food, Kitchen

Fondu Friday, I’ve missed you! 😊


Last night I made me and Gav a meaty cheesy treat. We throughly indulged on deliciously alcoholic dipping frenzy whilst helping it down with a crisp Chardonnay.






I will admit the alcoholic taste was a little strong for me and those of you who have had fondu will know as it continues to cook the alcohol taste becomes stronger! However the apple and Parma ham dippers made for a refreshing taste.

A fun treat!