Marks and spencer disappointment 

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One day I will learn. 

On occasions, rare occasions (I’m talking maybe 6 times a year) I will purchase a ready meal.

Yesterday was one of these occasions. Due to a busy weekend away I didn’t go food shopping and so instead, I nipped to Marks’s and purchased an Indian banquet.

So, so disappointed. It was bland and incredibly dry. I must make this my last ever ready meal purchase!


Tikka Tastic 

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Here is a low fat chicken tikka recipie which allows you to enjoy this class I dish without feeling the guilt of excessive calorie consumption!

Granted, it does lack the luxury creamy quality that a tikka typically provides but for a week day dinner I don’t think it’s a worry complaint.

I scored additional brownie points with this dish as its a bit of a favorite of Gavs! 😄


Indian inspiration, and that’s just Lunch!

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It’s my first week back at work and I needed a lunch that was not only healthy, but that was tasty and comforting too. Something that would fill me and would stop me from reaching for any devilish calorie filled substance!!

I randomly picked this little vegetarian Indian number from the weight watchers around the world cook book (a very old one of mine indeed)

A great pick, just what I was after!
Warm, thick, full of spice but light and low in fat, a great little lunch.

Very easy to make, after the initial chopping it really just needed to be left alone on the heat which enabled me to sit back 😉

Give it ago.