Oh dear, Aubergine pate πŸ˜ž

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It’s Sunday evening, normally on a Sunday I would cook something homely and hearty. Something to soak up the weekends alcohol and set me up for the week ahead.

Not tonight however. Tonight I made an Aubergine pate, a recipe from my griddling cook book.

It was truly awful! I actually like Aubergine but certainly not in this format. I ate the cruditΓ©s but binned the dip.

I’m still hungry and feeling completely dissatisfied πŸ˜’

Here’s the recipe just in case you don’t trust me and want to try it your self!






A DIRTY emergency

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Crisis averted every one, panic over! Phew 😯

My online grocery order was delivered this evening. I’ve been super healthy this week, gym, good food, no alcohol and to my delight I’ve lost 3 pound. So…… Tonight was my night off so I had planned to make a venison burger.

To my HORROR, the venison wasn’t delivered!!!!! So I had to be creative in order to make a tasty treat for the particular reason to prevent me ordering a takeaway.

I found steak, I had bread buns and I had cheese. All popped together with some Cajun spice and onion, the steak burger was created. Holy yum!

No too unhealthy but bad enough to give me my dirty fix. Not too shabby.

Chicken and Aubergine melt

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Any of you lovers who have been following my blog will know that my other half Gavin is currently in China. πŸ˜“

This is bad enough but what’s worse is that Friday night is usually a fun food night!

Now I’m currently on a super health kick and it doesn’t feel so fun cooking for one on a Friday so I at least tried to make an effort tonight with this chicken and Aubergine melt!

Yes it was nice. I love a nice crispy ciabatta and melted mozzarella is just dreamy.

I sound kind of despondent about It I know. Really, on a Thursday night I may gush a little more about this dish but It just didn’t feel naughty enough for a Friday (for a start I’m sated but not stuffed, that’s great, but feels boring) CONFUSED!




“I’m just a steak, sat on a butternut squash, asking you to love me”

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No posh nosh tonight, just good comforting food, slapped on a plate, ready to be devoured.

I oven roasted 1/2 a butternut squash in olive oil for 50 minutes (yes, It takes ages!), then I griddled a steak, seasoned with salt and pepper for a flash moment of one minute per side.

I topped it off with some ranch dressing and BBQ sauce.

Totally filling. Still healthy but felt a little bit naughty…..can’t beat a bit of red meat!! 😍

I’ll butternut your squash!

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Dinner tonight was an experimental affair.

I had some salmon that needed using, a little left over Mediterranean vegetables from last night and a giant butternut squash.

And so after hacking at the squash (that is a job for no man or woman) I made some Cajun butternut squash wedges, oven cooked the salmon and add the veg.

Healthy, tasty, so filling!!! (Perhaps a quarter of the squash would of done me, rather than half!)

To kebab, or not to kebab? That is this evenings question.

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I came home STARVING but not wanting to ruin my mornings gym session I stood by by good intentions!

Prawn kebabs with courgette and peppers. Well they were supposed to be kebabs but as I was cooking for just myself (Gavs in China) the kebab making part felt unneeded….so I just stuck it all in the griddle pan!

Really easy. Really quick. Cheap. Tasty.

Satisfying and as it was mainly veg, I filled my bowl high!! πŸ˜„



Indian inspiration, and that’s just Lunch!

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It’s my first week back at work and I needed a lunch that was not only healthy, but that was tasty and comforting too. Something that would fill me and would stop me from reaching for any devilish calorie filled substance!!

I randomly picked this little vegetarian Indian number from the weight watchers around the world cook book (a very old one of mine indeed)

A great pick, just what I was after!
Warm, thick, full of spice but light and low in fat, a great little lunch.

Very easy to make, after the initial chopping it really just needed to be left alone on the heat which enabled me to sit back πŸ˜‰

Give it ago.




A healthy leftover dinner worth sharing

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I’m still working through using up all of the left overs in the fridge and attempting to get back on the healthy train…..this meal almost met both of my goals. The butter slightly tinged the health element, ah hem.

So take a nice fillet of salmon, marinade it in olive oil, basil and mint leaves. Fry it in a hot pan 5 minutes before your ready to eat.

Chop up a couple of potatoes and a handful of sprouts, boil them until soft, mash them, season, shapes them into patties and then fry in butter or oil until nicely browned.

Serve your cooked salmon and potatoes cakes with some cooked beetroot and a dollop of natural yoghurt.



HOT gift….ouch

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So yep, I’ve said it, Gavin “gets me”.

Each birthday or Christmas Gav goes out of his way to find me a new hot sauce. Not because he is evil and sadistic, but because I πŸ’œ the burn!

This is the latest addition….haven’t tried it yet so I’ll keep you updated when I do.

I have to say, this bottle looks more appealing than some of the last….. Previously my collection has contained 85% pain and the wonderfully named Ass Blaster πŸ˜…