Tapenade on rye

Lunch, Vegetarian

Lunch today was simplicity made heavenly. An olive and pepper tapenade on rye crisp reads. A salty, moorish treat.

Really simple to do, simply roast some sweet peppers and then blitz with mixed olives. Any one can make this and for my blending needs, I used the nutribullet.

A great lunch which I throughly looked forward to.


Fruit and meat: CONTROVERSY!!!

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Dare I say it?

Well I just did. I’ve heard a lot of mixed views over fruit mixed with meat, I understand some people can’t stand the idea. Weird. I love fruit in a savory dish!!!

In an attempt to make a high protein lunch I made a chicken salad which included pineapple cottage cheese! It was rather marvelous, the sweet fruity punch with my tender moist chicken…a meal I’ll surely be repeating this week.

It simply consisted of:
chicken breast (cooked in oregano)
pineapple cottage cheese
spicy chillies

High protein. Low fat. Just a shame I missed my morning gym session. Whoops!


Salmon and watercress sandwich

Fish, Lunch, Toast-it

Last night I delved in to the “toast-it” cookbook and came out with this little beauty.

As I didn’t want something too overwhelming, a sandwich seemed to be a good call and add some fishy protein to the mix, it resulted in a pretty good “after gym” dish.

The cooking process was really simplistic, just a matter of popping it all under the grill really. And, as you would expect with bread and fish, it took but a few minutes!

The result was a crusty thick sandwich with a moist tasty filling which left my fully satisfied. It tasted extra delicious with a glass of Chardonnay! 😊








A seemingly salad solution

Food, Foodie, Lunch, Salad, Vegetarian

Due to a hugely, epically, busy weekend I failed to order my food shopping on time. As a result I didn’t have any lunch planned for this week.

So I pondered through my fridge shelfs and found the following ingredients which all tossed together, turned out to be a pretty spiffing salad indeed!

Iceberg lettuce
– tomato
– sweet pepper
– pickled (by my very own grandad!!) sweet green beans
– pineapple
– avocado
– almond and date cous cous (leftovers)

Agreeably, it may sound an unlikely mix of ingredients but if like me you like fruit with savory, this salad will hit the spot.

Crunchy and sweet, I throughly enjoyed this lunch! Needless to say, it was easy and quick to prepare.

A Friday (fun) flop.

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It’s only bloody Friday!!!!!

Yey, today I hit the gym hard before work! I completed a body combat class is a spinning class and then I went an ruined it by visiting Costa!!!

I didn’t take lunch and as it’s Friday, the start of a very fun weekend ahead, I treat myself.

This is the 1st shop bought coffee of the new year, a fact I am very proud of, but I paired it with a bacon and Brie panini. So unhealthy. 😕so yummy

Chicken, sweetcorn an noodle soup….it better be good because I have it for lunch all week!!!!

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As per usual I try and make a batch of healthy lunches to carry me through my working week. I find this prevents me from:

A. Going out and making bad, hungry choices and,

B. Going out and SHOPPING!!! 👛

This week I used the “YUMMLY” food app that I’ve previously mentioned (it’s great) and made a chicken, sweetcorn and noodle soup.

As with most soups it was pretty much a one pot job. Chuck everything in a pot and leave it to work its magic.

A very simple recipe with a good outcome. The soup is tasty, perhaps a little salty, but offers me a good dose of protein and carbs to see me through my gym session.









Despite my best intentions, I ate the soup today but still went out shopping!!!!! 😯

Tuna Nicoise pasta salad lunch

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With the aim of keeping healthy and not forking out for lunch at work I made a whole batch of this pasta salad last night.

The verdict: a little dry, I normally prefer a saucy pasta but I think with a dash of extra seasoning it won’t be a bad lunch for the rest of the week.

As you might expect it was rather easy to prepare, it really just took a little boiling and chopping, then hey presto, complete!

This recipe is courtesy of the 101 pasta dishes by good food.





Unexpected delight with an old school egg sandwich lunch

Food, Foodie, Lunch

I had zilch in the cupboard last night and so I racked my brain to think of what I could make for today’s lunch? (I’ve been avoiding walking into the town to prevent being tempted by the new year sales and naughty food)

All I could come up with was an egg sandwich…..yawn 😕

So I boiled some egg, buttered some bread and added a little of my granddads home made green tomato chutney (for a twist)

OMG, I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy an egg sandwich! Plus the chutney gave it a sweet and sour tang

Not a bad lunch to end my working week. Let’s not forget the classics people!

Complete lunch fail!!!!

Food, Foodie, Lunch

Today I went out with a colleague for lunch, we decided to treat ourselves.

We’re both new to the area so we took a Chance on the house of fraiser
cafe. Terrible.

Firstly, the only healthy option was a jacket potato and I didn’t really want that much stodge.

Secondly, the service was appalling and was made even worse by the fact they were quite!!!

1/10…..the only reason they even get 1 star is because the food tasted ok.