Indian inspiration, and that’s just Lunch!

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It’s my first week back at work and I needed a lunch that was not only healthy, but that was tasty and comforting too. Something that would fill me and would stop me from reaching for any devilish calorie filled substance!!

I randomly picked this little vegetarian Indian number from the weight watchers around the world cook book (a very old one of mine indeed)

A great pick, just what I was after!
Warm, thick, full of spice but light and low in fat, a great little lunch.

Very easy to make, after the initial chopping it really just needed to be left alone on the heat which enabled me to sit back 😉

Give it ago.






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Noodles at home never fills me with excitement and after Gavs many recent trips to China in not sure why he would want them either. Yet they are healthy and easy and that’s what I made for tea last night!!

Despite my reluctance they were BLOODY DEVINE!!! 😃 This was another recipe from my fast and easy book and you have to try it out.

Very simple to do, really fast and with beautiful taste. The mint wouldn’t have been an obvious addition to me but the taste was outstanding, a little sticky, a little sweet and completely moorish….. A definite one to re do and perfect for a mid week meal.

I also served these with the chop sticks Gav brought me from China, why is it noddles taste better with chop sticks??




Cafe Rouge (UK) ” shopping lunch”

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Me and Gavin risked a trip to the Trafford centre (Manchester) yesterday, a brave thing to do during these post Christmas sales, and like any trip to a large shopping domain you become posed with the question “where should I eat?”

The Trafford centre boasts a large food hall with the basic fast food options and a host of chain restaurants, after narrowing our choice down to giraffe, cafe rouge and TGBK I opted for cafe rouge as by this point I coveted a nice glass of red!

Service: no real complaints, they took our drink order and despite me seeing our carafe sat on the bar for 10 minutes before being brought over, I won’t hold it against them as our food was speedy indeed.

Menu: A really good choice. Lots of options from small tapas type dishes to main meals with a pretty even selection of meat, fish and Vegtable options.

Our food: Gav had the classic Moules Mariner and Frits. It was very nicely presented, there were a lot of mussels and the sauce was deliciously garlicky. The only problem was a lack of yummy crusty bread to soak up the sauce.


I chose the haddock fish cakes, a panic choice as I hadn’t totally made up my mind, but a choice I did not regret! They were smokey and a good size, plus I loved the aioli they were served with.


I would easily eat here again, it has a nice atmosphere and for two meals and a carafe of wine, £40 isn’t a bad lunch expense.

9/10 for an easy going, laid back lunch

Tarragon chicken, a healthy mid weeker!

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Sorry for the delay food lovers, doing nothing over this festive period us surprisingly time consuming 😉

Monday night I forced a healthy tea down me and the Jones, it was the only good thing to do after such indulgence.

I cooked from a little recipe book I have which boasts fast and easy meals and this one fit its description of being both!

It was a nice meal, very comforting but with the knowledge of it not stretching the waist line further!

I loved the tarragon flavor, it’s a herb I’m crushing on right now, and I substituted the creme fre for a low fat alternative.



(Oh I did also make garlic bread, just a baguette fried in butter and garlic, 😁 ok, that bit wasn’t sooo healthy!)

Boxing Day sandwich to behold

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There’s one great thing that I particularly enjoy about Boxing Day and that’s leftovers!

I have just enjoyed this festive delight:



Made up of:
– ciabatta
– Gouda
– duck
– black pudding
– bacon crumb
– tomato chutney (handmade by grandad)

A delicious way to kick off my Boxing Day fun!!! 🎄😀

Christmas lunch with extra “POSH”

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Merry Christmas!!!

Yesterday I was simply too indulged to even pick up my phone but here’s a quick insight in to the Christmas lunch I made me and Mr Jones.


Starter: Scallops fried with black pudding, resting on a caramelized apple slice with a crushed pea purée, a a bacon crumb and a balsamic fig reduction. Very proud to say all my own recipe and it was BEAUTIFUL!!

Main: Whole duck stuffed with citrus fruit and all the accompanying trimmings (sorry no pic, I dived into it before taking a snap!!)

Desert: (Eaten another 3 hours later due to fullness!) a Christmas pudding cheesecake with a sour Christmas berry syrup and sweet caramel sauce…all from my own imagination and all home made!


(The cheesecake is basically a NewYork cheesecake recipe but I made the base out of Christmas pudding and added cinnamon and nutmeg to the cheesecake mix…..festively delicious)

Feel free to ask for any of had recipes 😊

24 hours: 3 restaurants

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In an attempt to visit family around this festive season, me and Gav have driven from Cheshire to bridlington, to sunderland and we will be heading back to Cheshire tomorrow.

As you may expect, family gatherings have centered around food and this has resulted in 3 restaurant visits in 24 hours….. Christmas really has begun! Here’s my super quick round up!

1. Bridlington, RAGS: quite a nice place, right on the seafront with beautiful views of the harbor. I shared a starter with Gav of mixed bruschetta and enjoyed a main of smoked haddock. Due to the fact that there were 22 of us we had to engage in the dreaded pre order which meant by the time I got there I didn’t actually want fish but it was delicious. 7/10… Only marked down for some grumpy staff and vegetables that could be improved upon.

2. Bridlington, The lobster pot: Here we gave a typical chain style pub, very regular appearance and typical menu. No, strike that, the menu was more than typical, it featured a “build your own burger” section (Gav had chorizo and boar) and a rotisserie chicken type Nandos section….so quite good. I had a salmon tart with sweet potato fries, it was quite basic but what you would expect for this type of pub. The only problem here was that my meal came 5 minutes before anyone else’s, can’t stand that! 6/10 for error in service.

3. Sunderland: ARABESQUE. An Egyptian place, never eaten Egyptian apart from in Egypt! I had what should of been a spicy chicken kebab, it was nice, authentic tasting but alas, not spicy. Also, my appetite was non existence and so my enjoyment was probably diminished. Nice place though, well decorated, reasonable prices and very friendly staff. 8/10.

Phew… tonight with friends……oh dear 😁

Tesco £2 lunch FAIL

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I know what your saying…. For £2 what should I expect right?

I called into tescos on my way to work to buy some cake making ingredients and due to the terrible weather I thought I’d grab lunch to save me going out.

I tried this exciting looking box, but excitement it lacked!

When cooked, the contents filled less than a third of the box leaving it to be snack sized rather than lunch worthy.

The taste wasn’t terrible but I’d advise you somy don’t bother 😕

That “offal” taste

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Lunch time came today and after a hard session at the gym before work with a minimal (but tasty) fruit breakfast, my body yearn for more than a cuppa soup.

So I toddled to a local deli and chose a beef salad baguette. You know when some times meat has that taste of offal when it shouldn’t? As if the beef had been snuggled up with a big juicy kidney for the night?

Needless to say it was rather yucky and made me regret not choosing the cuppa soup….. 😞