A naughty little fakeout 


Fancy something naughty but not TOO naughty? Fancy something cheesy? Fancy something similar to a pizza but not a pizza? Well your luck is in! Try these…..

* This was my portion for 1!

  • 2 English muffins, halved and toasted
  • Spread a mixture of tomato purée and BBQ sauce on the toasted muffin
  • Add ham and cheese and then grill

Easy peasy pizza squeezy!

Really fast to make….5 minutes tops!

These are actually not too bad on the fat and calorie count and as you can imagine, are open to your own interpretation. Next time I’ll be jazzing mine up with spice!

16 Inches of Joy

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16 inches of Joy!
Total naughty night last night!

No cooking, just a massive 16 inch takeaway pizza!!

Chicken, bbq, pineapple, sweet corn. Oh my!

Babylon pizza Knutsford: I don’t highly rate it but it’s the only pizza place that delivers to my village so pizza beggars can’t be choosers!

PIZZA: North vs West

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I lived in Durham (UK) for 10 years (after living in Bridlington for 17) and have lived in Cheshire for the past 3.

I’m well accustomed to a lazy takeaway pizza from the lands of Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle and although I never considered the quality in much depth (well you wouldn’t would you, you just want naughtiness!), I have to say there’s a clear difference!

Cheshire takeaway pizza’s are terrible (perhaps takeaways are not a staple for the Cheshire scene) and after a naughty cheesy pizza last night In Sunderland I noticed the very stark contrast in taste.

North East: WIN
North West: LOSE