Red pepper, egg and olive Ciabatta 

Toast-it, Vegetarian

I swoon over a nicely topped ciabatta, I often go for the typical bruschetta or mushroomy mix but this offered something different.

As you can imagine it was really very easy and quick to make and it was delicious. The sweet peppers twinned with the salty olives worked really well, as did the crunchy bread and creamy egg. 

A great Friday night treat.

Chocolate Mango Madness

Chocolate, desserts, Fruit, Toast-it

So This happened.

Brioche! Nutella! Mango! Chocolate Ice Cream!

Literally toasted Brioche, slathered in Nutella and then loaded with sliced Mango and Chocolate Ice Cream!



Brandy? Pork? Cream? All good for a Tuesday!

Cook book, Food, Foodie, Pork, Toast-it

I LOVE the Toast-it cookbook!!! 💗

This is a little gem of a recipe book. They are all meals which can fill the need of a light dinner (providing you don’t use a whole loaf of course!!!) but are tasty and creative!

Tuesday night I made this creamy pork dish on walnut bread.

It was incredibly tasty but I’m glad I only made two slices each as the sauce was very rich indeed. The cream and the brandy held the overriding taste. This was a slightly naughty midweek dinner as it involved a tub of cream, but a little naughtiness is a necessity!!

I’d defiantly recommend this, it takes but a few minutes to make and doesn’t require many ingredients!



Salmon and watercress sandwich

Fish, Lunch, Toast-it

Last night I delved in to the “toast-it” cookbook and came out with this little beauty.

As I didn’t want something too overwhelming, a sandwich seemed to be a good call and add some fishy protein to the mix, it resulted in a pretty good “after gym” dish.

The cooking process was really simplistic, just a matter of popping it all under the grill really. And, as you would expect with bread and fish, it took but a few minutes!

The result was a crusty thick sandwich with a moist tasty filling which left my fully satisfied. It tasted extra delicious with a glass of Chardonnay! 😊