Lazy and naughty = home made Cajun wedges!

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Yep I’m having a mid week lull.

I had a craving for carbs and so I wedged some potatoes, covered them in olive oil, salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning. Roasted them for 40 minutes and the result was pure NOM! 😀

A DIRTY emergency

Food, Food general, Foodie, Kitchen

Crisis averted every one, panic over! Phew 😯

My online grocery order was delivered this evening. I’ve been super healthy this week, gym, good food, no alcohol and to my delight I’ve lost 3 pound. So…… Tonight was my night off so I had planned to make a venison burger.

To my HORROR, the venison wasn’t delivered!!!!! So I had to be creative in order to make a tasty treat for the particular reason to prevent me ordering a takeaway.

I found steak, I had bread buns and I had cheese. All popped together with some Cajun spice and onion, the steak burger was created. Holy yum!

No too unhealthy but bad enough to give me my dirty fix. Not too shabby.