Sometimes you just need coffee and a bun


Sometimes you just need coffee and a bun ☺️

*courtesty of Rackhams



I have fallen in to the coffee trap at age 30.

For years in the office a faced questions of disbelief such as “what? You don’t drink hot drinks???” and I took a small level of enjoyment in saying “No, just water for me thanks” but it has not securely locked me in its grasp and I am now a fully fledged caffeine addict.

So, happy Friday peeps, enjoy coffee, get through your day and be ready for the weekend!


A Friday (fun) flop.

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It’s only bloody Friday!!!!!

Yey, today I hit the gym hard before work! I completed a body combat class is a spinning class and then I went an ruined it by visiting Costa!!!

I didn’t take lunch and as it’s Friday, the start of a very fun weekend ahead, I treat myself.

This is the 1st shop bought coffee of the new year, a fact I am very proud of, but I paired it with a bacon and Brie panini. So unhealthy. πŸ˜•so yummy