Risotto Allo Zafferano

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Gavin requested I make a Risotto as he has become quite taken with them as of late.

So I “eeny meeny miny moed” my way through my recipe book collection and landed on one of my most recent additions – Jamie’s comfort foods.

He didn’t fail me and I found this recipe for a risotto, all be it a rather simplistic one.

Now I wasn’t sure if this would hit Gav’s culinary craving as it lacked his most desired ingredient….meat!!

However, he blooming loved it!

I enjoyed it but not quite as much as Gavin, I found it too have an almost synthetic taste, not sure why but it didn’t take me enough to put this on my “to do again” list.





Salmon and watercress sandwich

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Last night I delved in to the “toast-it” cookbook and came out with this little beauty.

As I didn’t want something too overwhelming, a sandwich seemed to be a good call and add some fishy protein to the mix, it resulted in a pretty good “after gym” dish.

The cooking process was really simplistic, just a matter of popping it all under the grill really. And, as you would expect with bread and fish, it took but a few minutes!

The result was a crusty thick sandwich with a moist tasty filling which left my fully satisfied. It tasted extra delicious with a glass of Chardonnay! 😊








A Friday (fun) flop.

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It’s only bloody Friday!!!!!

Yey, today I hit the gym hard before work! I completed a body combat class is a spinning class and then I went an ruined it by visiting Costa!!!

I didn’t take lunch and as it’s Friday, the start of a very fun weekend ahead, I treat myself.

This is the 1st shop bought coffee of the new year, a fact I am very proud of, but I paired it with a bacon and Brie panini. So unhealthy. 😕so yummy

Cafe Rouge (UK) ” shopping lunch”

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Me and Gavin risked a trip to the Trafford centre (Manchester) yesterday, a brave thing to do during these post Christmas sales, and like any trip to a large shopping domain you become posed with the question “where should I eat?”

The Trafford centre boasts a large food hall with the basic fast food options and a host of chain restaurants, after narrowing our choice down to giraffe, cafe rouge and TGBK I opted for cafe rouge as by this point I coveted a nice glass of red!

Service: no real complaints, they took our drink order and despite me seeing our carafe sat on the bar for 10 minutes before being brought over, I won’t hold it against them as our food was speedy indeed.

Menu: A really good choice. Lots of options from small tapas type dishes to main meals with a pretty even selection of meat, fish and Vegtable options.

Our food: Gav had the classic Moules Mariner and Frits. It was very nicely presented, there were a lot of mussels and the sauce was deliciously garlicky. The only problem was a lack of yummy crusty bread to soak up the sauce.


I chose the haddock fish cakes, a panic choice as I hadn’t totally made up my mind, but a choice I did not regret! They were smokey and a good size, plus I loved the aioli they were served with.


I would easily eat here again, it has a nice atmosphere and for two meals and a carafe of wine, £40 isn’t a bad lunch expense.

9/10 for an easy going, laid back lunch