Patong street food


I very recently visited Singapore and Thailand, whilst in Thailand we had a night in Patong.

The place it’s self was an experience!!

Sadly it’s quite commercial and so in between bars there were the usual joints such as Burger King and Starbucks but we did stumble upon a small food market and treat ourselves to some kebabs. I opted for a sticky sweet beef and pineapple kebab, the tastes were seriously powerful but I’m pretty sure the meat was pure fat and I couldn’t chew nor swallow. My other half however had a pork honey taste sensation which proved more edible.

Fun night regardless of the less than exciting food opportunities.



Sweet an sour pork “not kebabs” 🍢🍡

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For those of you who have read any of my recent post, you will note that I seem to have an aversion to the kebab format.

This really isn’t the case. I enjoy food on a stick as much as any one else but each time a recipe calls for “kebbabing” I just can’t bring my self to do it. What the point of sticking it on a stick only to then take it off again?

So last night, yet again I made a “kabab” but didn’t “kebab-it”!!!

This recipe was from the griddling cook book.

It called for a one hour marinade but I left it in longer and I have to say, the pork was super juicy and had distinct orange flavored.

The actual cooking itself was minimal, just chopping and griddling.

The overall taste was full on! Loads of flavor, big punchy doses of ginger, soy and sweet pepper. A really healthy but hearty dish for these dark winter nights.

I served this off the kebab and with brown rice so I guess you can just call it a sweet and sour!




Kebab crazy

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This is my second kebab in two weeks and just like the last one I made, I opted not to put it on skewers….too much faff for just. One person I feel.

However I cooked it up, just as the recipe said and served it in a pitta as I felt the need for carbs.

This was an ok meal, I’m a little biased on this because I don’t always love lamb. However as lamb goes, it was ok.

If you fancy giving it ago it was very quick, very simple and relatively cheap for a week night meal.





*griddling cook book

To kebab, or not to kebab? That is this evenings question.

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I came home STARVING but not wanting to ruin my mornings gym session I stood by by good intentions!

Prawn kebabs with courgette and peppers. Well they were supposed to be kebabs but as I was cooking for just myself (Gavs in China) the kebab making part felt unneeded….so I just stuck it all in the griddle pan!

Really easy. Really quick. Cheap. Tasty.

Satisfying and as it was mainly veg, I filled my bowl high!! 😄