Chilli with a cheat

Beef, Spicy

I love a good chilli and it can’t be beaten when you have some lovely big nachos to scoop with! 

I’ve recently started making a cheats version of home made nachos, simply cut up some tortilla wraps, drizzle in oil (I use chilli oil) and bake for 5minutes on 180 fan. (Be careful as they can quickly burn)

They are totally tasty with a great crunchy texture.

Chicken fried steak


Hmmmm☺️ this name makes me smile!

Cooking with Tom Kerridge recently using his book Toms Table. It’s a great book but many recipes require hard to get ingredients and a lot of time, however this is one of the less intensive recipes.

A throughly delish dish, soft beautiful steak with a creamy sauce. Message me for the recipe


Bake of broccoli and blue cheese

Vegetarian, Weight watchers: Time to eat

Here is a rather easy mid week meal which aside from the blue cheese, is reasonably healthy.

Simply par cook New potatoes and broccoli, mix up a simple ruxe using butter, flour and mustard powder. Mix together, coat with breadcrumbs and grill for 5 minutes.

Pretty yummy