1st BBQ of the summer!

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Nothing fancy, just a good old British BBQ! 

Hot sun, a few tipples and meat! 😃

Lamb to make you love

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Lamb, when cooked right, can be one of my most enjoyed meats yet all too often, lamb for me is just too lamby.

Not on this dish though, this lamb was ridiculously brilliant, outstanding! It was moist, soft and full of a sweet flavor which paired with the fruity tangy pomegranate and onion salad was a match worthy of a Sunday! 

I also added some of my granddads home made gooseberry and mint jelly which was a brilliant addition, of course you can’t do that but I’m sure there is something comparable available!!

Well worth the pay out for the leg joint, I don’t believe you would get the same cook on a smaller joint such as a chop. Worth the time also!

A great bonus too…. I’ve been eating lamb wraps for two days!!

Well…. 😊

“I’m just a steak, sat on a butternut squash, asking you to love me”

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No posh nosh tonight, just good comforting food, slapped on a plate, ready to be devoured.

I oven roasted 1/2 a butternut squash in olive oil for 50 minutes (yes, It takes ages!), then I griddled a steak, seasoned with salt and pepper for a flash moment of one minute per side.

I topped it off with some ranch dressing and BBQ sauce.

Totally filling. Still healthy but felt a little bit naughty…..can’t beat a bit of red meat!! 😍

I’ll “Fondu” you!

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Fondu Friday, I’ve missed you! 😊


Last night I made me and Gav a meaty cheesy treat. We throughly indulged on deliciously alcoholic dipping frenzy whilst helping it down with a crisp Chardonnay.






I will admit the alcoholic taste was a little strong for me and those of you who have had fondu will know as it continues to cook the alcohol taste becomes stronger! However the apple and Parma ham dippers made for a refreshing taste.

A fun treat!