Passion fruit eaton mess


I was recently invited to a friends dinner party and offered to make the desserts.

I pondered over what to make for days, I knew she was making a lasagne and so I wanted to take something that was tasty but not too heavy.

In the end I opted for an Eaton Mess. I figured it to be sweet and delicious but slightly in the lighter side due to the fluffy meringues and refreshing fruit.

I decided to use passion fruit because I simply love the taste and for an extra drop of sweetness I added a drizzle of toffee sauce.

It was heavenly 


Profiterole Passion

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I have been making a lot of profiteroles recently. After the 1st time making Chox pastry I just could not believe how easy it is to do and since then I have been a profiterole baking machine.

I have often heard people say they get a lot of enjoyment out of making bread, that they like the way the gluten comes together and the dough forms. For me, that feeling comes when the wet, gloopy Chox dough transcends into a glossy thick mixture. It’s my therapy.

My favorite filling at the moment is a passion fruit cream, the tang of the passion fruit is amazing with the bittersweetness of the dark chocolate top.

To make the cream simply sieve your passion fruit so your left with a juice without the pips, whisk up a pot of double cream and add the juice plus sugar to taste. You can play around withthe measurements  here, I like a really strong passion fruit hit so I go heavy in the passion fruit!

If you need an exact recipe, let me know.