Chicken and Aubergine melt

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Any of you lovers who have been following my blog will know that my other half Gavin is currently in China. 😓

This is bad enough but what’s worse is that Friday night is usually a fun food night!

Now I’m currently on a super health kick and it doesn’t feel so fun cooking for one on a Friday so I at least tried to make an effort tonight with this chicken and Aubergine melt!

Yes it was nice. I love a nice crispy ciabatta and melted mozzarella is just dreamy.

I sound kind of despondent about It I know. Really, on a Thursday night I may gush a little more about this dish but It just didn’t feel naughty enough for a Friday (for a start I’m sated but not stuffed, that’s great, but feels boring) CONFUSED!




Unexpected delight with an old school egg sandwich lunch

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I had zilch in the cupboard last night and so I racked my brain to think of what I could make for today’s lunch? (I’ve been avoiding walking into the town to prevent being tempted by the new year sales and naughty food)

All I could come up with was an egg sandwich…..yawn 😕

So I boiled some egg, buttered some bread and added a little of my granddads home made green tomato chutney (for a twist)

OMG, I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy an egg sandwich! Plus the chutney gave it a sweet and sour tang

Not a bad lunch to end my working week. Let’s not forget the classics people!