Chicken fried steak


Hmmmm☺️ this name makes me smile!

Cooking with Tom Kerridge recently using his book Toms Table. It’s a great book but many recipes require hard to get ingredients and a lot of time, however this is one of the less intensive recipes.

A throughly delish dish, soft beautiful steak with a creamy sauce. Message me for the recipe


Stir fry steak (noodles again)

Beef, Easy Everyday Fast recipe book

This dish seriously fills me with excitements and has my mouth watering far too much.

Avid followers of this blog will know I’m a recent convert to the almighty noodle but this dish reached heights which are near to ecstasy… fibs.

I’m can quite literally taste and feel the moist, buttery, chunky steak pieces filling my mouths with sweet juices (*Homer Simpson food appreciation noise)

As always it was a super easy, super fast recipie with stupefying results. Best of all…..healthy.


Steak Au Poivre (ummm steak on a Tuesday!)

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Last night I said to Gav “Steak or Chicken?” He actually deliberated this!!!!!! But then answered steak, phew!

Although I ❤️love❤️ steak I would normally avoid a peppercorn sauce as I find it a little too peppery but as per my odd inability to deviate from a recipe, I did as I was told.

I’m rather glad I did! The steak was blooming marvelous and although it was peppery, I enjoyed it and would participate more in future peppercorn sauce eating! My oddness pays off.

I had my steak rare as I absolutely adore it this way but I cooked Gav’s slightly more as he is more of a medium to rare man.

As a side I roasted some sweet potatoes and cauliflower in a tad of olive oil with plenty of seasoning.

A great tea, felt a little naughty for a Tuesday even though it was out of the weight watchers book!!! I narrowly avoided a glass of wine with this bad boy dish!





A DIRTY emergency

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Crisis averted every one, panic over! Phew 😯

My online grocery order was delivered this evening. I’ve been super healthy this week, gym, good food, no alcohol and to my delight I’ve lost 3 pound. So…… Tonight was my night off so I had planned to make a venison burger.

To my HORROR, the venison wasn’t delivered!!!!! So I had to be creative in order to make a tasty treat for the particular reason to prevent me ordering a takeaway.

I found steak, I had bread buns and I had cheese. All popped together with some Cajun spice and onion, the steak burger was created. Holy yum!

No too unhealthy but bad enough to give me my dirty fix. Not too shabby.

“I’m just a steak, sat on a butternut squash, asking you to love me”

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No posh nosh tonight, just good comforting food, slapped on a plate, ready to be devoured.

I oven roasted 1/2 a butternut squash in olive oil for 50 minutes (yes, It takes ages!), then I griddled a steak, seasoned with salt and pepper for a flash moment of one minute per side.

I topped it off with some ranch dressing and BBQ sauce.

Totally filling. Still healthy but felt a little bit naughty…..can’t beat a bit of red meat!! 😍