16 Inches of Joy

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16 inches of Joy!
Total naughty night last night!

No cooking, just a massive 16 inch takeaway pizza!!

Chicken, bbq, pineapple, sweet corn. Oh my!

Babylon pizza Knutsford: I don’t highly rate it but it’s the only pizza place that delivers to my village so pizza beggars can’t be choosers!


PIZZA: North vs West

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I lived in Durham (UK) for 10 years (after living in Bridlington for 17) and have lived in Cheshire for the past 3.

I’m well accustomed to a lazy takeaway pizza from the lands of Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle and although I never considered the quality in much depth (well you wouldn’t would you, you just want naughtiness!), I have to say there’s a clear difference!

Cheshire takeaway pizza’s are terrible (perhaps takeaways are not a staple for the Cheshire scene) and after a naughty cheesy pizza last night In Sunderland I noticed the very stark contrast in taste.

North East: WIN
North West: LOSE