Cheaters never prosper


Last night we made it home from London and knowing I would be zonked I decided to do a very rare thing for my household….. I ordered ready made food! 😱

This tapas selection came from Tesco and despite it offering a tasty and varied sounding selection, it was wholly disappointing. Everything tasted pretty much the same and has this underlying synthetic taste.

The best part was the ciabatta which I personally toasted and drizzled with truffle oil and fig balsamic.

Lesson learnt, cheaters never prosper.

*Dont be fooled by its alluring look! 

New Years menu spectacular!

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Well we were a little boring this year and decided we couldn’t be bothered to face going out for New Years Eve… I cooked!

I spent a great afternoon in the kitchen, dancing around and singing along to my live lounge albums and then a great night eating!!!!! πŸ˜„


I wasn’t alone though, I had Gray assisting in cleaning any bits that I dropped on the floor….


We decided rather than a full sit down meal we wanted “picky bits” and so I made a selection of tasty treats.

I started with a syllabub (which we didn’t get round to eating so I will have it today! ☺️). This was from my new tapas cook book and was an easy short cut version.



Then I continued with the tapas book and put together this Spanish meet ball dish. This was quite a long process but time wasn’t an issue and so I made my way through it and the end result was great. The sauce was thick and spicy and the meet balls were juicy and flavorful!



Then on to the hallumi kebabs! I love this cheese, salty and squeaky. They were marinated in an aromatic spice mix which really raised the taste to another level, delish! Plus I also made the tapenade accompaniment.



Alongside all this I added a prawn, mango and acacias salad plus a traditional caviar and salmon Bellini, yum.

Lots of drink. Lots of food. Unsurprisingly, fell asleep before 12!



Light and tasty during these “food heavy” festivities

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Last nights tea consisted of this tapas style salad. I have to admit, as the day drew on I though “salad? Why???” But damn it was delicious!

After days of copious food and alcohol this was just what I needed and it was utterly gorgeous. Featuring an additional oil and balsamic dip with ciabatta it made for a full meal, the buffalo mozzarella had to be the star!

Also, it takes but a few minutes to prepare….winner.