Vegtables lentil curry

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Got to have those meat free nights, right?

Well this dish needs no meat, it’s hearty and packs enough flavour to make you kick meat to the curb.

It’s just a matter of banging a load of veg in a pan, add some lentils and a dollop of curry paste and simmer for as long as you can (30 mins will do but longer will boost its taste)

EARLE by Simon Rimmer (Hale)

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I recently had the immense pleasure of eating at one of Simon Rimmers restaurants, Earle in Hale, Cheshire.

I had never been before but had heard good things and as it’s right on my door stop I thought it was about time!

First impressions: It looks really small from the outside but actually it’s like a Tardis, when you get in it actually has a decent seating capacity.

Ambiance: I really liked the atmosphere in this restaurant, the decor was a quirky mix of wood and color and the lighting set a pleasant mood to relax in.

Food: I can say nothing bad! I had a chicken liver parfait to start which was creamy and delicious. The best bit about it however was that they got the proportions of parfait, bread and chutney spot on. Sometimes you find the bread portion is less than adequate, but not at Earle. For the main I had the duck which was divine. The meat was cooked to perfection and the sweet sticky sauce was so moorish, I wished I had bread left from my starter to mop up every drop! Finally I ended on a sticky toffee pudding which was out of this world. A soft sponge which was so light and airy that it seemed to dissolve in the mouth and a toffee sauce which actually makes me want to cry knowing I don’t have a gallon of it to drink right now.

Staff: They were quite busy when we went and I must say, a little disorganized. They couldn’t find our booking to start with but then realized they were looking on the wrong screen and despite confirming our pre orders, brought us menus. Really not huge problems but a little less than perfect.

Price: I wasn’t paying so I can’t say I actually looked at the price but whatever it was, I would have paid!

Overall: 9/10. It would have been 10 if not for the slight staffing issues. A nice place to be and really great food, a definite place to go.

Vitello Tonnato burger

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Probably the most “real” cooking I’ve done all week!

I’m not sure why my kitchen activities have been so lazy this week but they have. Yesterday however normal service resumed and I whipped up this little bad boy!

Homemade focaccia? Yes

Homemade veal burgers? Yes

Homemade sauces? You get the picture!!

I did have questions over the Tuna and caper sauce. It seems a little odd right? Especially with the veal? I even told the Jones that I would put the sauce on the side just in case it wasn’t palatable but actually it tasted so delicious that I made an exec decision and put it straight I the burgers!

The focaccia bread base was a nice break from the usual top and bottom bun. The burger itself was moist and tasty and the addition of the salad and sauce made it a rather grown up burger.

I would highly recommend you try this dish. If you didn’t make the bread it would also be a very fast dish to prepare…very little cooking involved!

The return of MOVIE NIGHT!


For anyone who has read my blog before you may have seen that mid week I have a Movie Night. For me, Movie Night is an excuse to stray away from healthy eating and to have a little splurge on the dark side!

Last night however, the meal wasn’t too unhealthy but it still felt naughty enough to be indulgent.


Chilli and home made nacho chips

This was a hodge podge recipe really, made up of things I had to hand.

  • I fried some onion, Chilli and Tomato. 
  • Made a base using beef stock, chili powder and paprika and let this summer for 30 minutes
  • Added the onion mix to the stock along with kidney beans, a dash of ketchup, bbq sauce, worstershire sauce and Quarn mince. I let this simmer for 40 minutes to infuse
  • Boiled some rice
  • Cut plain white wraps into triangles, coated in olive oil and Paprika and baked on 180 for 10 minutes
  • Served! (With sour cream)

Firstly, this could have been made quicker but depth of flavor may not have been as strong.

Secondly, Quarn mince is great! Gav didn’t even know it wasn’t beef.

Third, these home made chips are amazing. Crisp, flavor full and lower cals/fat than bag bought.

A tasty night indeed!

Sole florentine Thursday ๐ŸŸ

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I absolutely didn’t want this.
I absolutely loved this.

I fancied dirty, grubby food tonight but as I hit the gym (hard) this morning, I stayed motivated and made the sole florentine.

It took 20 minutes and was very easy to prepare. The fish was delicate and light but the cheesy top added a creamy deep element which turned the dish from healthy and bland to healthy and warming.

As it happens, I have now almost completed every recipe from this book. Love it when that happens!

*weight watchers around the world


Oh dear, Aubergine pate ๐Ÿ˜ž

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It’s Sunday evening, normally on a Sunday I would cook something homely and hearty. Something to soak up the weekends alcohol and set me up for the week ahead.

Not tonight however. Tonight I made an Aubergine pate, a recipe from my griddling cook book.

It was truly awful! I actually like Aubergine but certainly not in this format. I ate the cruditรฉs but binned the dip.

I’m still hungry and feeling completely dissatisfied ๐Ÿ˜’

Here’s the recipe just in case you don’t trust me and want to try it your self!





To kebab, or not to kebab? That is this evenings question.

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I came home STARVING but not wanting to ruin my mornings gym session I stood by by good intentions!

Prawn kebabs with courgette and peppers. Well they were supposed to be kebabs but as I was cooking for just myself (Gavs in China) the kebab making part felt unneeded….so I just stuck it all in the griddle pan!

Really easy. Really quick. Cheap. Tasty.

Satisfying and as it was mainly veg, I filled my bowl high!! ๐Ÿ˜„



PIZZA: North vs West

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I lived in Durham (UK) for 10 years (after living in Bridlington for 17) and have lived in Cheshire for the past 3.

I’m well accustomed to a lazy takeaway pizza from the lands of Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle and although I never considered the quality in much depth (well you wouldn’t would you, you just want naughtiness!), I have to say there’s a clear difference!

Cheshire takeaway pizza’s are terrible (perhaps takeaways are not a staple for the Cheshire scene) and after a naughty cheesy pizza last night In Sunderland I noticed the very stark contrast in taste.

North East: WIN
North West: LOSE