I Eat your greens! (In a risotto)


This is a great summer dish which offers a fantastic way to load up on your 5 a day.

Take an arm full of veg. On this occasion I used sugar snap peas, courgette and leaks

Chop your veg! I kept it chunky.

Start to cook your risotto in a stock and wine combo. Do it in the normal way, cook off the rice in butter first for 60 seconds then add a slash of the stock. Stir snd let it soak up, then add more. 

When half of the stock mixture is used, chuck in the veg and continue to ladle the stock (season as you go).

Then serve!

A beautiful, tasty and filling dinner.

No waste!


My wonderful grandad stocks me up with a bounty of veg from his allotment each time I see him, it’s great!

I can’t always work the veg into my recipes but I absolutely hate wasting food and so I usually try and get creative.

I had a huge red cabbage slowly starting to look sadder and sadder in my fridge and so tonight I’ve turned it into a stewed red cabbage side which I’ll freeze and bring out to add to dishes when the time calls!

The recipe I used can be found here:http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5052/chinese-braised-red-cabbage

Say no to food waste people!

Oh dear, Aubergine pate 😞

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It’s Sunday evening, normally on a Sunday I would cook something homely and hearty. Something to soak up the weekends alcohol and set me up for the week ahead.

Not tonight however. Tonight I made an Aubergine pate, a recipe from my griddling cook book.

It was truly awful! I actually like Aubergine but certainly not in this format. I ate the crudités but binned the dip.

I’m still hungry and feeling completely dissatisfied 😒

Here’s the recipe just in case you don’t trust me and want to try it your self!