Key lime pie

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Desserts are sometimes a necessity, you can be super healthy, super motivated but we all need a treat now and again don’t we?

Contrary to our obvious correlation of dessert = fattening, we can do tasty, low fat puddings which don’t plump the podge!

I made this recently from the weight watchers cook book and my oh my was it one tasty treat! Made even better with the knowledge that it hadn’t ruined my gym workouts. (Please ignor the less than perfect piping)


Midweek movie night BURGER

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It’s a late post folks but fear not, we did not miss movie night this past week!

This time around I opted for a burger from the weight watchers book to try and keep a little healthy but I really couldn’t see the difference between this burger and many others I have made. This leads me to believe all burgers are healthy! ( I wish. As you can see I added chips too so really, there was nothing healthy about this)

Healthy or not, it was blooming good and it stirred the claim from Gav of “best home made burger to date”. 


Steak Au Poivre (ummm steak on a Tuesday!)

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Last night I said to Gav “Steak or Chicken?” He actually deliberated this!!!!!! But then answered steak, phew!

Although I ❤️love❤️ steak I would normally avoid a peppercorn sauce as I find it a little too peppery but as per my odd inability to deviate from a recipe, I did as I was told.

I’m rather glad I did! The steak was blooming marvelous and although it was peppery, I enjoyed it and would participate more in future peppercorn sauce eating! My oddness pays off.

I had my steak rare as I absolutely adore it this way but I cooked Gav’s slightly more as he is more of a medium to rare man.

As a side I roasted some sweet potatoes and cauliflower in a tad of olive oil with plenty of seasoning.

A great tea, felt a little naughty for a Tuesday even though it was out of the weight watchers book!!! I narrowly avoided a glass of wine with this bad boy dish!





Sole florentine Thursday 🐟

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I absolutely didn’t want this.
I absolutely loved this.

I fancied dirty, grubby food tonight but as I hit the gym (hard) this morning, I stayed motivated and made the sole florentine.

It took 20 minutes and was very easy to prepare. The fish was delicate and light but the cheesy top added a creamy deep element which turned the dish from healthy and bland to healthy and warming.

As it happens, I have now almost completed every recipe from this book. Love it when that happens!

*weight watchers around the world